Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I am liable to submit an application for passenger/cargo service ?

If you are  a vehicle owner who holds a valid Public Service vehicle or a Public Carrier’s “A” Licence you are the liable to submit your application.

Is there any limit on age of vehicle?

No, but it would be preferable to have vehicle less than 10 years.

Is there any specific time frame between the submission of an application and its hearing by the Selection Committee?

No, but applicants are usually convened within a reasonable period.

What happens if there is any missing document upon submission of the application form?

The application is kept in abeyance pending receipt thereof.

What is the next step once I have been selected ?

You will be inlcuded on our approved suppliers list and your services sought  as and when required.


What are your best rate proposal?

We offer attractive rates depending on the product type (FMCG, chilled, high value, etc), the volume, the expected storage period and whether the goods are.palletised or non-palletised upon arrival.

What are the measures taken against fire, pests & theft?

The warehouse is equipped with modern fire detecting & fire fighting equipment. We have a well-established schedule for the maintenance of all those equipment and audits are regularly carried out to ensure that they are in line with the Safety & Health regulations. Fire Awareness courses are also organized to improve our people reaction in case of fire and the Supervisors properly trained to face those situations of panic.

Our service provider for Pest Control in on site every week to offer the best protection against rodent, flies, birds, insects, etc.

The Warehouse is under camera surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a highly professional Security Company is hired for higher protection against pilferage.

How do you ensure proper stock rotation in terms of date of entry & expiry dates?

Logidis uses a modern & well known Warehouse Management System in Europe known as GOLD. All stock movements are recorded & managed on-line by the system thus eliminating the risks of human errors. Stock eports (expiry, dormant, etc) are available upon request from customers.

Do you offer storage facilities for controlled temperature products & high value items?

We have dedicated space in the Warehouse to keep products whose quality are highly dependant to good temperature storage conditions or whose sensitive nature needs a special monitoring.

How do you control the temperature/humidity of the warehouse in order to maintain the high quality of products?

In our endeavour to improve the level of service to our valued customers, Logidis has invested in a new software which provides all temperature & humidity recordings on-line thus allowing us to take immediate corrective actions in case any deviation is noted thus helping in preserving the high quality of all the products stored.

How do you archive all documents?

All your important documents are duly recorded on our Archives Management System upon receipt to enable their fast retrieval. Requested boxes can be made available to you within 24 hours either for collect or delivery by Logidis Transport Department. Confidentiality of your information is guaranteed all the times while in our custody.

What are your requirements prior receiving products in your warehouse?

You should enter into a Service Agreement with Logidis pior sending your goods for storage. For planning pruposes, we should be given at least a 24-hour notice prior sending your vehicle/container for unstuffing and storage and email/despatch all product details.

Is there a cut-off time for the submission of sales orders?

The Warehouse will prepare orders according to the Schedule set by our Delivery section To ensure the timely completion & delivery of your sales orders, we need to have them 24 hours in advance and the cut-off time for the next day delivery is10.30 a.m

Can the Store cater for urgent deliveries?

We do provide this facility but a special rate will be applied in those cases..

Do you offer facilities for walk-in customers?

Orders can be collected at Logidis at any time between 8 a.m till 4.30 p.m from Monday to Friday.