Logidis was created in 2003 when Ireland Blyth Limited (now IBL Ltd) decided to regroup all its logistics trading business under one roof. Danny Ah Chong, manager of Logidis at that time had two main challenges, that is, in one hand to redesign the warehouse and on the other hand to find its fleet for the distribution of goods around the island. Additionally, Logidis invested heavily on IT Equipments. Within two years of operation, Logidis had to extend its services to other corporate customers as its unique business model attracted more clientele.

In 2004, Logidis diversified in transport services with the creation of Logidis Transport Services (LTS). Logidis started by offering various transport solutions from the transfer LCL/FCL cargo to other heavy equipment. In year 2005, LTS passenger department was created to serve mainly corporate customers by providing transport facilities to their employees. After nearly three years, that is, in year 2008, Logidis entered the hotel industry with its Laundry services and in 2013, Logidis came forward with other two brands known as “Tapis Rouge” for VVIPs and “MedCab”.

Danny Ah Chong, today General Manager of Logidis Ltd explained that, “Logidis continue to grow but in a socially responsible manner. With taxi services, instead of investing in our own fleet, we have decided appoint sub contractors to create our platform to serve our customers. In addition, our sub-contractors had to go under a selection committee where a copy of their character certificate, medical certificate, and claim history from their insurance company are required. Moreover, we also ensure that all licenses pertaining to the vehicles are in order. This is a very important procedure to assure the safety and security of our customers. Besides, the structure of the warehouse has been reviewed to be more environmentally friendly while we do close monitoring of our fleet to reduce pollution in the island. We also have today a CSR, Green and Welfare Committee”