Logidis provides top quality warehousing solutions to its valued customers. With storage capacity of 20,250m2 including a temperature controlled room m(between 18 to 22 c) , 5 receiving and 8 loading bays, Logidis handles more than 15,000 orders and 600,000 items monthly.

Logidis provides storage facilities for a wide range of product:-

  • Dry goods.
  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Wine and spirits.
  • Cosmetic products.

Moreover, Logidis has another storage area of 2,000m2 for both frozen (-230C) and chilled (40C) products.

Its advance warehouse management system facilitates the:-

  • preparation of audit trail of activities
  • Minimisation errors
  • Real Time Ordering
  • Optimisation of Space
  • Batch Number and Expiry Date follow up
  • Optimisation of resources
  • Accuracy of Stock

CFS services

Logidis Container Freight Station handles the stuffing of export cargo and un-stuffing of all import cargo.

CFS Export deals mainly with the loading of General Cargo and manages the Landing/Shipping of Goods while CFS Import un-stuff container under customs supervision. The team also provides pallets to client or even palletized the product whenever requested. Logidis has extended its activities by un-stuffing of Full Load Containers and by sorting out the product as per customers request before any delivery at client premises.